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UNION Chemical & Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd

UNION Chemical & Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd was founded in the year of 1975 as a professional manufacturer of Chinese Proprietary Medicine, Health Supplements and Herbal products. UNION is a constant supplier for Clinics, Pharmacies and Chinese Medical Shops. We offer wide breadth and depth of products under stringent requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices Standard (GMP) that meets the quality demands of our customers and comply with the Singapore government regulations. Since 1975 Union has been Singapore’s leading Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturer for health supplements. We offer a wide suite of products at flexible order quantities, and are the go-to supplier for numerous clinics, pharmacies, and medical halls.

As one of the leading manufacturers in Singapore, UNION is now leveraging on its expertise and contract manufacturing capabilities to expand its operation in order to bring new and innovative products to both local and overseas markets. Currently, we manufacture and package more than 300 products and can customize these products or formulate new ones to fit our customers specifications. Save your effort to find individual GMP factories to produce different dosage forms of your series of products. Our manufacturing processes includes grinding, sieving, granulating, mixing (liquid & powder), extracting etc. From here, we can produce into capsules, powder, and liquid. You can then choose to pack into bottles, blisters, sachets, bags.
UNION always support our clients to register and export our products. We have been supporting our clients’ documents, stability studies, tests required, certifications required for registration of your products in many Asia Pacific markets. Some examples are Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and some beyond Asia Pacific markets like USA, Nigeria, Qatar.

Our Products:

Harvest Whealth 养生精, Harvest Cough Mixture丰收止咳露, Harvest Cough Mixture for Cold Phlegm祛寒痰止咳露, Harvest Cough Solution 咳安宁, Harvest Cough Solution for Children小儿咳安宁, Harvest Lingzhi Cracked Spores Capsules御品灵芝破壁孢子粉胶囊, Harvest Refresh益神胶囊, Harvest Stomach Easy胃轻松, YOHMOTONIC® ORIGINAL, YOHMOTONIC® BLOOM